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Navigating Messaging in the CADmore Customer Portal

Quick Guide to Efficient Communication with Your Project Manager

Staying in touch with your project manager is a breeze with the messaging feature in the CADmore customer portal. Here's a quick rundown on how to access and use this tool effectively.

While you may receive notifications of messages in your email, responding directly within the CADmore customer portal is highly recommended. This practice ensures that all your communication is centralized and easily trackable, leading to better organization and clarity in your project management.

  • Why Respond in the Portal?: Responding directly in the customer portal keeps all project-related communication in one place, reducing the risk of miscommunication or lost emails.
  • Email Notifications: These are just alerts to inform you of new messages in the portal. They serve as a prompt to log in and respond in the appropriate project thread.

Project Manager Message

Accessing Messages

To access messages, you must be logged into the customer portal.

  1. Log in to the Customer Portal. Ensure you're logged in to access the messages associated with your order. Need help logging in? Check out our article on Logging into the Customer Portal.

  2. Navigate to your Order Details. Once logged in, access the order you're working on to view its specific details.

  3. Select 'Messages' from the Navigation Bar. You'll find this option on the left side of the screen, within the grey header section.

Messages button

Managing Your Messages

After selecting 'Messages', you'll enter the messaging interface where you can see all the communications exchanged with your project manager. This interface is designed to be user-friendly and efficient.

  • View Messages: All your messages are listed here, allowing you to quickly catch up on any missed communication.

Message timeline

  • Send a New Message: Type your message in the 'add a comment' box. 

Comment box

  • For longer messages: You can expand the text box using the two lines at the bottom right corner for more space.

Expand message window

  • Adding Attachments: If you need to send documents or images, use the paperclip icon to attach files to your message. Please note: to ensure smooth transmission, send messages and attachments separately rather than all at once.

Attachment button messages

Organizing and Searching Messages

For easy navigation, especially in projects with extensive communication:

  • Load More Messages: If you have a long messaging history, use the 'Load More Messages' option to view older communications.

Load more messages

  • Sorting Messages: Sort your messages by date, either from newest to oldest or vice versa, using the dropdown menu in the top right corner below the header.

Sort messages