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How to Reset Your CADmore Customer Portal Password

Easy steps to regain access to your CADmore account if you've forgotten your password.

Losing access to your CADmore Customer Portal account due to a forgotten password can be frustrating. But don't worry, resetting your password is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps to regain access to your account.


Understanding Different Login Methods

It's important to identify how you usually access your account. If you typically sign in using a single sign-on method, such as Google or LinkedIn, remember that you'll need to change your password directly with these providers. Unfortunately, CADmore cannot assist with password resets for these third-party accounts.

Resetting Your CADmore Account Password

To reset your password for the CADmore Customer Portal, follow these steps:

  • Identify the Correct Login Page: Each organization or partner associated with CADmore has a distinct login page. The most straightforward way to navigate to the correct page is by finding a link in an email associated with your order from CADmore.

     Project Manager Message

  • Accessing the Login Page: Once you've found the correct login page, click on the "login" button, typically located in the top right corner of the page.

    Login Customer Portal
  • Initiating the Password Reset: On the login page, you will see “forgot password?.” Click this to begin the password reset process.

    Change Password Button
  • Enter Your Email: Enter the email address associated with your order in the provided field. Double-check to ensure it's the correct email – you can verify this by checking the “send to” address in your project update emails from CADmore.Enter Email
  • Submitting the Request: After entering your email and submitting the request, you will see a green banner confirming that a password reset email has been sent to your email address.

    Password Reset Sent

  • Resetting Your Password: Check your email for a message from CADmore, which will include a link saying “click here” to reset your password. Follow this link to set up your new password.

If you do not receive a reset password link within 1 hour, please contact the support team to confirm your account exists.

Change Password Email

Change Password Interface

  • Logging In with New Password: Once you've successfully set your new password, return to the CADmore Customer Portal login page and access your account using your new credentials. Click here to see our guide on logging in!

Always ensure that the email you use for resetting your password is the same one associated with your CADmore order. This will streamline the process and avoid any unnecessary complications.