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Understanding the Quoting Process at CADmore

A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Your Quotes and Payments

Navigating through the quoting and payment process at CADmore can be straightforward if you know the steps involved. This guide will walk you through how to access, review, and respond to your project quotes, as well as how to make payments once you decide to proceed.

Remember, CADmore begins work on your project only after the quote is approved and payment is received.

Receiving and Accessing Your Quote

When your project quote is ready, CADmore will inform you via an email from your project manager. To view the quote, you have two options:

  • Log in to the Customer Portal - For assistance, refer to our guide on logging in.
  • Use the 'View Quote' Link - Find this in the quote email sent to you.
    Inbox-12-14 at 13.48.16

Navigating in the Customer Portal Once logged in, follow these steps:

  • Go to the associated order.

Order Dropdown

  • Orders with a quote usually have the 'Quoted' deal stage, but this can vary, especially for subsequent quotes.Order Quoted Stage

Locating the Quote in the Portal

  • Scroll to the 'Quotes Section' at the bottom of the order screen.

Quote Selection

  • If the quote or section isn’t visible, message your project manager for assistance. (See how to send a message).

Reviewing and Responding to Your Quote

Quote ScreenAfter accessing your quote, you can:

  • Review Project Details - Check each line item and associated costs.
  • Approve, Deny, or Request Changes - Approve to start the project, deny if you're not proceeding (noting that reevaluated quotes may have different prices), or request changes if there are errors.

Keep your project manager informed if you have any concerns or need clarifications at any stage of the quoting or payment process.

Approving and Paying for Your Project

  • Select 'Approve' or 'Pay Now'.
  • For 'Approve' - An invoice will be generated. Find this under 'Invoices'.
  • To pay, click on 'Pay Invoice', enter your card details, and confirm the amount.Pay Invoice Button

Getting a PDF of Your Quote or Invoice

  • Click 'Print' in the top right corner of the quote or invoice screen.Printing
  • Save the file as a PDF for your records.
    Save as PDF

What Happens After Payment?

  • Your project manager will be notified once the invoice is paid.
  • Your project then enters the CADmore design queue, marking the start of the production and design work.